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How can you get involved?

If you’re a resident of Hartlepool who wants to offer valuable skills to earn Poolie Pounds to enhance your career prospects

If you know someone who is In need of support in their home or the community

If you’re a local organization in need of volunteers  

Why not get in touch with the Poolie Time Exchange?

How does the Poolie Time Exchange Work?

The Poolie Time Exchange connects people with skills (‘Achievers’) to others who could benefit from them. We told you it was simple.

Both groups gain from being involved. One gets free help. Achievers earn `Poolie Pounds` which they can then `spend’ on ‘resources’ – trial job interviews, obtaining on the job experience, energy advice, CVs and training courses. Achievers may also get references from the people they have provided support to.

We are working with local ‘Investors’ to provide resources to the Poolie Time Exchange, to help lift Achievers out of poverty. However, not a penny changes hands.

What have local investors kindly offered?

The Poolie Time Exchange keeps a record of all the jobs done by Achievers, the people helped and arranges everything.

We’re now up and running. Now is the chance to get involved.