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We Are Back - Posted: Tuesday 06 July 2021

With restrictions about to end and the UK going back to some sort of normality, Poolie Time Exchange will once again be back up and running doing what we do best.

YES, we are back!!!!

It has been a crazy 19 months and we never stopped, we adapted to the situation we found ourselves in and helped many people across our town, in fact 22,000 meals cooked and delivered and over 15,000 bags of groceries delivered to families and elderly free of charge, even today we still feed the most vulnerable still shielding across town.

Poolie Time Exchange has sprouted wings and grown in this town, and with passion and the continuous pushing and drive of many volunteers and staff we now have a few more avenues for many more volunteers to help in.

Some of our amazing volunteers have already found employment with the Big-League CIC and other businesses across the town.

We have the Poolie Time Emporium and the Poolie Time Empire along with Poolie Time Environmental, and not forgetting Poolie Time Eats these all with fantastic volunteers and staff.

Also obtaining Bovis house and Crown buildings for many businesses to join and flourish into bigger things, Helping them to grow with help from our fantastic team.

So now the ball starts rolling again, and we are looking for volunteers who want to give us their time and in EXCHANGE for your TIME as a POOLIE we will help you with your CV and help you find courses to gain qualifications to find the JOB you want.

And all this whilst helping our community and you gaining POOLIE POUNDS, these are virtual Pounds you save whilst volunteering and you can exchange at any time for the courses you want, the more Poolie pounds you save, the more courses you can access.

We are so proud of the volunteers we have had through the doors during the pandemic, and some have stayed, and some have got employment with us or other businesses, we now want to build on this and get more volunteers into full time employment across Hartlepool and Teesside.

The jobs we will be doing across Hartlepool will range from small garden cleans to street litter cleans, maybe some painting work or simply volunteering in the many charities and organisations we help across our town.

The possibilities are endless and the courses we can apply for to get your on and make your CV look even more attractable to future employers, it is a win win situation for all involved, from you the volunteer with the chance of finding employment and the people we help in the community will also benefit from your volunteering hours.

We in turn will sit and help you with your CV and help you get to your interview,


So why not sign up now and let us have a chat and see where your strengths and even your weaknesses are.

It is a pleasant interview with a cup of tea or coffee in a friendly environment, so don’t worry about being nervous or not wearing the right attire.

We are HERE to help YOU help YOURSELF.


What have local investors kindly offered?
Free skills training
Help with financial planning and money management.
Mindfulness workshop
Help to find work.
CV development
Career development
Fire safety advice
Volunteering posts for long term volunteers
And many other opportunities
·        How can you get involved?
·        If you are a resident of Hartlepool who wants to offer valuable skills to earn Poolie Pounds to enhance your career prospects

·        If you know someone who is in need of support in their home or the community

·        If you are a local organization in need of volunteers  

·        Why not get in touch with the Poolie Time Exchange?

So, what are you waiting for POOLIES, this is your time to help others and in return help yourself.

Email stephen @